Computer Repair

Our specialized staff undertakes from a simple application installation to the most challenging issue on your computer. With endless perseverance, we promise to offer you easy solutions.

compatibility check

OS/ Software Installation

After we make sure that your device is compatible, we will consult you about the potential choices. Then, we promise to install the operating system and the applications of your choice. Remember that you will need to provide a license or documents that prove the key number for the applications that require a license.

επισκευη υπολογιστων

Computer Repair

Your computer has to be delivered to us, as we need to run a diagnostic ckeck. If the damage exceeds the estimated cost, we will contact you to discuss whether we need to proceed with the repair. Typically, a computer repair time can take up to 3 business days. All repairs come with a warranty.

επισκευη μητρικης

Motherboard Repair

If you have trouble with your motherboard, we are here to support you! We will repair, clean out any dust, and replace the heat-conducting connections. As soon as we complete these, we will run a full functional check and give you a 30-120 day warranty.

The repair warranty includes the hardware of the repaired part. The OS and Software Installation does not come with a warranty as it is subject to use after the installation. For any questions, feel free to contact or visit us in the store. επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας