Our Services

We are confident that our high-quality services will not disappoint you. Besides, we want to assist you with honesty and dedication. We are here to welcome you, help, and learn from your problems. We promise to keep growing so we would miss nothing that could "cost" you.

Επισκευες υπολογιστων

The specialized staff of the Computer Care undertakes from a simple installation of an application to the most difficult solutions or computer repairs. With the endless patience, perseverance and expertise that possesses us , we offer you the most honest solutions.

Επισκευες κινητων

Our expertise is not only about computer-repair. As we use daily smartphones and tablets, the Computer-Care’s staff stands by you in any problem your device might face. We promise to assist, give you a cost estimate, and inform you whether it worths the expense.


Computer networks and wireless devices are the keys to a successful business. The amount of information they channel in combination with fast speed is critical. We are here to give various reliable solutions to efficient network access, either for your business or home.

εξυπνο σπιτι

For decades, only science fiction was exploring the idea of home automation. Today smart technologies can help with day-to-day life by automating tech for security, convenience, comfort, and entertainment. It can be quite affordable as well! When devices can “talk” to one another in your home, it creates a unique ecosystem that makes your life easier and cost-efficient. Appliances that can communicate on a home network include lighting, heating, A/C, shades, security systems, sound systems, TVs, and so much more. You can now turn on a lamp or your water heater on your way home!

Do not hesitate to ask any other problem that you may have, and it is not mentioned above.