Smartphone and Tablet Repair

Our expertise is not only about computer-repair. As we use daily smartphones and tablets, the Computer-Care’s staff stands by you in any problem your device might face. We promise to assist, give you a cost estimate, and inform you whether it worths the expense.

επισκευη φορτισης

Charging port repair

Has your device stopped charging or losing the wire connection? We are here to help! We will be able to repair both your mobile device and your tablet within a few hours*!

*if the replacement part is out-of-stock in our store, we promise to have it ready within 3 business days.
αλλαγη οθονης

Screen replacement

In collaboration with our reliable suppliers, we can replace your mobile or tablet screen. First, we will inform you of the cost and the authenticity of the spare part.

νερο κινητο

Moisture Repair

Did you forget your phone in your pocket while swimming? We are here to restore your device, if possilble! The dry/cleaning process is more efficient when done soon after moisture exposure.